Staff List

To reach any staff member, please dial 314.773.1100 with the listed extension.

Dan Harbaugh, President, ext. 1413,

Frank Cognata, Vice President, Development, ext. 1448,

Judy Schuler, Vice President, Operations, ext. 1433,

Cheri Wuertz, Vice President, Finance, ext. 1206,

Alison Kaspar, Director, Human Resources, ext. 1415,

Pat Newby, Director, Administration, ext. 1412,

Veronica Biver, Senior Manager, Family Services, Park Avenue, ext. 1414.

Michelle Burmann, Senior Manager, Finance, ext. 1211,

Katie Nepute, Senior Manager, Communications, ext. 1432,

Abby Bandelow, Event Manager, ext. 1416,

Courtney Fischer, Family Room Manager, ext. 1454.

Jacob McGuire, Family Services Manager, West County, ext. 1644,

Lanisha Thomas, Data Manager, ext. 1434,

McKenna Cooper, Volunteer Coordinator, ext. 1634,

Jane Foerstel, Family Room Program Coordinator, ext. 1205,

Barb Jarvis, Finance Coordinator, ext. 1230.

Lauren St. John, Annual Giving Coordinator, ext. 1446,

Allyssa Bottini, Assistant Family Services Manager, Park Avenue, ext. 1437,

Chaney Brown, Assistant Family Services Manager, West Pine, ext. 1233, 

Clare Burke, Assistant Family Services Manager, West Pine, ext. 1231,

Stephanie Patton, Assistant Family Room Manager, ext. 1629,

Katie Smithson, Assistant Family Services Manager, West County, ext. 1635,

Katie Nimtz, Communications Assistant, ext. 1447,

Larry Pry, Data Assistant, ext. 1436,

Beth Voegtli, HR Assistant, ext. 1631,

Nicki Island, Receptionist, Park Avenue, ext. 1470,