Our Staff

To reach any staff member, please dial 314.773.1100 with the listed extension.

Dan Harbaugh, President, ext. 1413, dharbaugh@rmhcstl.com

Jason Huff, Vice President, Development, ext. 1456, jhuff@rmhcstl.com

Judy Schuler, Vice President, Operations, ext. 1433, jschuler@rmhcstl.com

Cheri Wuertz, Vice President, Finance, ext. 1206, cwuertz@rmhcstl.com

Alison Kaspar, Director, Human Resources, ext. 1415, akaspar@rmhcstl.com

Pat Newby, Director, Administration, ext. 1412, pnewby@rmhcstl.com

Rich Rodgers, Director, Facilities, ext. 1235, rrodgers@rmhcstl.com

Veronica Biver, Senior Manager, Family Services, Park Avenue, ext. 1414. vbiver@rmhcstl.com

Michelle Burmann, Senior Manager, Finance, ext. 1211, mburmann@rmhcstl.com

Courtney Fischer, Family Room Manager, ext. 1454. cfischer@rmhcstl.com

Abby Mauer, Event Manager, ext. 1416, amauer@rmhcstl.com

Jacob McGuire, Family Services Manager, West County, ext. 1644, jmcguire@rmhcstl.com

Kelsey Cripe, Family Services Manager, West Pine, ext. 1234, kcripe@rmhcstl.com

Lanisha Thomas, Data Manager, ext. 1434, lthomas@rmhcstl.com

McKenna Cooper, Volunteer Coordinator, ext. 1634, mcooper@rmhcstl.com

Mallori Green, Community Relations Coordinator, ext 1455, mgreen@rmhcstl.com

Barb Jarvis, Finance Coordinator, ext. 1230. bjarvis@rmhcstl.com

Courtney Bradshaw, Family Room Program Coordinator, ext. 1446, cbradshaw@rmhcstl.com

Clare Burke, Assistant Family Services Manager, West Pine, ext. 1231, cburke@rmhcstl.com

Reneisha Brown, Assistant Family Services Manager, West County, ext. 1635, rbrown@rmhcstl.com

Makayla Johnson, Assistant Family Room Manager, West County, ext. 1629, mjohnson@rmhcstl.com

Lauren Bryant, Administrative Assistant, ext. 1457, lbryant@rmhcstl.com

Katie Layman, Communications Assistant, ext. 1447, klayman@rmhcstl.com

Larry Pry, Data Assistant, ext. 1436, lpry@rmhcstl.com

Emily Kohlberg, Human Resources Assistant, ext. 1631, ekohlberg@rmhcstl.com