Volunteer Spotlight: Joe and Lindsey Finger

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The Next Generation: Joe and Lindsey Finger find time to give back.

Lindsey and Joe Finger lead busy lives. They have two young children – James, 5, and Claire, 2 and both work full time. Without a doubt, their day-to-day lives keep them on-the-go. However, the Fingers still manage to make time for something else that is near and dear to their hearts – giving back.

According to Joe, volunteering is something that comes naturally because it’s what he witnessed growing up. Joe’s father, Jim Finger, has been donating his time and talents to Ronald McDonald House Charities of St. Louis for over two decades. He’s served in many leadership roles over the years, including Board Chairperson from 2001-2002. Joe’s mother, Connie, is also a longstanding RMHC volunteer. Now, Joe and his own family are following in his parents’ footsteps.

Ten years ago, when Joe and Lindsey began volunteering for RMHC, they would make the trip to the West Pine House every other week.

These days, Lindsey volunteers at the West Pine House with her sister-in-law Julie, Joe is a member of the planning committee alongside his dad, for our annual Kids & Clays Dinner Auction and Tournament, which raises more than $300,000 for RMHC St. Louis every year. He even serves as the Raffle Corral co-chair for the event, soliciting donations of big-ticket items for the raffle portion of the dinner auction.

Being parents, working and volunteering takes a lot of time, but Lindsey and Joe even take it one step farther by encouraging their peers to get involved.  They know that sometimes it just takes one invitation to a meeting or event to bring someone new into the Ronald McDonald House Charities family.

“Just explaining to them how to get involved, spreading it through word of mouth, and using social media to express the message of service and involvement helps so much to push friends to come out and participate,” says Joe.

The Fingers also expressed that, above all, what is most meaningful about their experience with RMHC St. Louis is being able to help seriously ill children and their families.

“Volunteering has had a big impact on us,” says Lindsey. “It puts some type of normalcy into these families’ lives, making you grateful for what you can provide for them.”

Thank you, Lindsey and joe, for setting an incredible example of service and dedication for their pers and young children. With support and leadership like this, our future is looking bright!