Giving at mCdonald’s

You may think, “It’s just one penny.” Or, “I’m just one person.” But one penny, one dime, one quarter can add up to so much more if every one of us donates. One penny can change the life of one child, one family, one community. And it all starts with one person – YOU.


In addition to the McDonald’s Donation Box Program, you can help support families with seriously ill children by choosing to Round-Up for RMHC when you place your order on the kiosk, or ask a crew member to Round-Up your total at the counter or drive-thru. For more information on the Round-Up for RMHC Program, visit:

Just how powerful is your small change? A full donation box or a day’s worth of Round-Up for RMHC donations could let a family stay together at a Ronald McDonald House for multiple nights while their child receives care at a nearby St. Louis hospital.

A big thank you goes out to all of the St. Louis region McDonald’s Owner/Operators, Managers,
crew and customers for making this program such a success year after year!