Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to stay at the Ronald McDonald House?

The patient receiving treatment must be 18 years or younger. A family must reside 50 or miles away from the medical facility where treatment is being received. All family members must be free of infectious diseases. Also, all family members 18 years and older must pass a background check.

How much does it cost to stay at the House?

We suggest a $15 donation per night. No family is turned away based on the ability to pay.

How do I get on the waitlist if I have never stayed at RMHC St. Louis? 

A room request must be completed by the patient’s social worker and submitted no more than five days prior to the date you need to stay.

How do I get on the waitlist if I have stayed at RMHC St. Louis in the past five years?  

A family member may complete a Returning Family Room Request no more than five days prior to the date you need to stay. Access the Returning Family Room Request here.

How do I get in contact with a social worker?

The patient’s nurse or physician should be able to direct you to social services, or you can go to the hospital information desk.

Who needs to fill out a background check?
All family members, 18 years and older, including the patient, must fill out and pass a background check to stay at Ronald McDonald House. 

Where do I find the background check form?
Background checks for each family member can be accessed here.

Does a referral guarantee a room at the House?

A referral and passed background check do not guarantee that a room will become available. These two items simply place the family on the waitlist.

How do I know when a room becomes available?

If a room becomes available, the Family Services Team will contact the family and give further instructions about check-in.

What do I need to bring to check-in?

Bring photo ID for all adults, 18 and older, who will be staying overnight. Also, bring your insurance/Medicaid card and information (please note, certain insurance, or Medicaid, companies will cover the cost of lodging, but you will need to contact them in advance of your stay for pre-approval).

How does the House differ from a hotel?

Unlike hotels, the Ronald McDonald House allows each family only one room. The number of people that can stay in the room is dependant on the size of the available room. Each individual guest family is responsible for cleaning their own room, including linens.

The Ronald McDonald House is a community living setting. There are communal areas, including living and dining areas as well as a full-size kitchen, where you can watch TV, prepare and enjoy a meal. In addition, each family is given secure storage space, with a refrigerator, in the kitchen area for personal items including food, drink, or medicine.

Can I have a pet while staying at the House?

Only service animals are allowed to stay with a guest family.

Can I come and go as I please?

Guest families are welcome to come and go as they please, but the room must be utilized every day for sleeping.

Do I need to bring my own blankets, sheets, pillows, etc.?

A complete set of bedding is provided by the House for you to use during your entire stay. Free laundry facilities are available for you.

Does the House allow people to smoke in their rooms?

There is no smoking anywhere in the House. However, there are designated smoking areas located outside.

What services does RMHC provide?

Bedrooms: Each family has a private bedroom.

Bathrooms: The West Pine facility has shared bathrooms, and the Park Avenue and West County facilities have private baths.

Kitchen Facilities: These are available for families to store food and prepare meals. Thanks to volunteers from the St. Louis community, dinners are usually provided each night, and breakfast is usually provided on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Laundry Facilities: Washing machines and dryers are available for families to do their laundry at no charge.

TV Rooms & Playrooms: There are several community TV rooms and playrooms for families and children to use.

Transportation: Limited transportation is available to and from the hospital and/or grocery store for families that do not have their own transportation.

What if I speak a different language?
We now offer a virtual translation service, that assists with translating over 250 different languages. Please see a member of Family Services for more information.